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What You Need to Know When Travelling with Pets

Family holidays are not just for parents and children. Owners are increasingly tagging their pets along such as dogs and cats. Whether you’re travelling by road or air with your pets, the following tips will help you have a smooth journey.

Road Trips

Before you embark on a journey, do some trial runs. Drive along over short distances and gauge how your pet reacts. Note any anxiety or discomfort. Buckle up to restrain the dog, especially if you don’t have anyone in the car to hold it. A freely wandering cat or dog may distract you on the road, and subject you to the risk of causing an accident. They may also be injured or die in the process.

Keep their paws and heads inside the vehicle. It prevents your pet from ear damage and avoids exposure to airborne infections. Put a tag on your pets’ collar indicating the identity and location of the apartment where you’ll be staying. Carry the pet’s medical record, and some cold water to keep them hydrated throughout the journey.

Pets on Flights

Avoid flying with pets which are sick, old or still young. Some species of dogs won’t be comfortable travelling in cargo, as they’re disposed to breathing problems. Carry along soft material such as a blanket to keep your pet comfortable during the trip. Understand the regulations, since the fees of flying pets vary depending on the airline. Check with the airline to understand its pet flying history.

Scrutinise the paperwork to see the different options available before booking your flight. Pets are thus crucial in helping you plan your trips. If your beloved pet is travelling for the first time, you may have to spend time with it to get used to the carrier. Remember to put a tag around the pet’s collar showing your destination address.