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Tips for Travelling with Pets

Some people find trips enjoyable when pets are around. However, moving around with pets on long trips has its fair share of stress. But with adequate preparation, you can have a smooth and comfortable journey with your companions. A lot goes into the preparation of travelling with a pet, not just loading it in the back seat.

What to Do to Have a Smooth Trip with Your Pet

  • Put your pet in a well-aerated carrier. Common carriers include hard plastic, wire mesh, and soft-sided ones. The carrier or crate should be large enough to allow your pet to lie around, sit and stand. Introduce the pet to the carrier so that it’s used to it before the trip.
  • Drive around so that the pet gets used to the journey. First over short distances, then over a wider area. Tightly fasten the crate or carrier in the car to prevent it from sliding or shifting, in case of sudden stops during an emergency.
  • Feed your pet correctly, preferably three hours before the trip. Don’t feed your cat or dog in a moving vehicle, especially if it’s a long drive.
  • Attach an identification tag around the pet’s collar. The tag should bear your home address, phone number, destination address and any other information which you deem relevant. Always go for flat collars to avoid choking the pet.
  • Have a pet’s travelling kit containing travel papers, leash, bowl, plastic bags, a waste scoop, and grooming supplies. Also, have a first-aid kit packed.
  • Carry bottled or tap water in plastic jugs to keep your pet hydrated along the way. Giving the pet water from unknown sources may give it stomach upsets.
  • If you’re a frequent traveller with your pet, then have some rubberised floor liners, as well as waterproof seat covers.
  • Don’t leave your beloved pet alone in a parked car, particularly if it’s hot. High temperatures may result in heatstroke.