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Tips for Finding a Pet-Friendly Apartment

You may consider a dog as part of your family, but the landlord may not feel the same. Regardless of the type of pet which you own, there are crucial steps that will help you quickly locate an ideal apartment.

Private Landlords

Some properties don’t advertise themselves as pet-friendly. You may thus have to look for private landlords who are usually easier to persuade. It’s easier to negotiate with individual owners, something more difficult to do with a professionally-run building with strict no-pet policies.

Online Tools

Online tools help you to narrow down your apartment search to locate a pet-friendly apartment for a retreat holiday. This saves you the agony of loving a place, only to learn later that you won’t be allowed in with your pet. There are some websites such as PeopleWithPets.com which give exclusive lists of pet-friendly rentals.


Choose a pet which will be easy to gain the compassion of the landlord. There are some apartments whose pet policy puts a limit on the size of the animals that are admissible. Such policies usually work for the benefit of both the landlord and the tenant with his/her pet. For instance, a 300-square foot apartment may not be comfortable for a Saint Bernard.

Pay a Pet Deposit

Some landlords only allow pets if the owner agrees to make a security deposit in advance. If at first, the landlord is hesitant to accept pets, float this offer. It may make them forget you leaving behind scratched floors or stains. It also shows that you’re responsible and confident in your dog’s behaviour.

Understand the Law

Knowing the law prevents you from harassment by landlords who wait until you’ve moved in, then declare that pets are not allowed. The law protects you in such instances. Take time and know your rights; in cases where the lease doesn’t stipulate a pet policy, it defaults to the local law.