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The Little Rural Paradise

Visit our splendidly renovated farmhouse with fantastic views across the majestic hills. It’s a marvellous retreat house ideal for families on vacation. Surrounded by lush lawns and beautiful gardens, it’s the most preferred holiday home. You’ll experience first-hand ideas for green living while enjoying delicious food from the organic veggie garden. Escape to this retreat home and learn more about the rich culture of the locals.

A Special Bed and Breakfast

Be assured to receive a warm welcome to bed and breakfast in our spacious cabin. You may also choose to be served meals outside in the garden sunshine as you enjoy the beautiful rays emerge from the horizon. Outside the cottage, you can chill out in the plunge pool, stretch out under the shady pergola, or take a meditative walk along the path leading to the woodlands.

You can also issue an advance notice to be served delicious, home-cooked meals in the garden as you watch the colourful constellation. The sun which sets slowly over the hills will be your companion as you savour our delicious meals. It’s also the best time for the kids to run around and play in the yard.

Cosy Self-Contained Holiday Apartments

Our extensive range of apartments offers you numerous opportunities, including catering for yourself. The riverside apartments are particularly idyllic for visitors who want comfortable accommodation with breath-taking views. Head to one of the beautiful old squares and spent your evening with a fantastic choice of local delicacies and music.

Great Food Specialty

Our well trained and experienced staff are passionate about cooking and eating excellent tasting cuisine. If you prefer self-catering, they’ll help you prepare the meal of your choice. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn about the local dishes and organic gardening. The ever-reliable guides are there to direct you to other restaurants or entertainments joints within the area.