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Rural Retreat Holidays

Take a break from the big city glamour and escape to the countryside for a relaxing vacation. You’ll enjoy the refreshing ambience of a quiet neighbourhood, and explore the natural beauty of the universe.

A Rural Retreat Is Cheaper Than the City

The cost of living in the country is less expensive as compared to the city. Food is fresh and affordable, and you don’t have to pay particular attention to fashion. Your dress code will likely go unnoticed, and your other accessories such as shoes, belt or purse. Unlike in the city where there’s congestion, and you live on top of each other, a rural retreat offers you a chance to enjoy massive space with your family and pets. Your kids and dogs will enjoy the well-trimmed grass and lawns, as well as the expansive yard where they can play. You can run around, kick a ball and marvel at the various constellations seen at night.

No Reliance on Public Transport

A rural retreat saves you the struggle of hopping onto an overcrowded train and the discomfort of getting sandwiched between people with awful smells. There’s hardly any delays in the countryside due to traffic snarl-ups. You have the freedom to drive yourself wherever you want, whenever you want. If there’s traffic, it’s possible to use another route and still reach your destination in time. Parking is usually free and in plenty.

Little or No Suspicion

When on a rural retreat, you get a chance to meet friendly people who say hello, and mean it. It’s not like in the city where you can’t tell the motives of various passers-by that you meet. People interact on the same basis without sizing up each other based on their career, income or social status. You feel at home, unlike in the city where you are just a mere statistic.