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What Our Guests have said about Us!

Quotations taken from our Guest Book since August 2003

Paula, Jane, Clare and Caron (Birmingham)

"Thank you for such a fantastic weekend - we've been looked after so well, and feel really nurtured, emotionally and physically. The horses have been absolutely amazing - I'd love to take them all home. Thank you for the wonderful instruction and confidence building. We'll be back!"

Barbara (The Netherlands)

"I have had an absolutely wonderful time here at Gilfach. Enjoyed everything: the peace and quiet, the beautiful horses, Sheila and Ethan's teaching, the crisp green feel of Spring, the views, the sheep rounding up, the cottage. I have learned so much and feel revitalised. I will miss you all. Will definitely return here! Thanks to all of you for making this place such a special one."

Joan (Devon)

Classical Dressage Course. Wonderful! As usual, inspiring, empathetic and clear teaching from Sheila. Confidence and joy for riding restored! A full, logical and well-planned course. All the horses have loads to offer, but Tez and Limonero - out of this world, feel very, very privileged to experience them... Gilfach is a special place; 1st time I've come in the Spring, love the wild flowers, violets, anemones, bluebells, and lots more I don't know the names of. Perfect! I'll be back again!"

Jess (E. Sussex)

"Thank you - AGAIN - for such an amazing few days. Sheila, I feel honoured to be the first client to be allowed to ride Tez and he shows off your schooling very well! Alfie, Tez, Floy, Zela and Limonero were all joys to ride as usual and the hack with Ethan was great. Will be seeing you over the summer for the teenagers' week. See you soon!

Joan (Devon)

"A special place. Came here this time (4th visit) to rest, restore riding confidence after a fall, meet up again with my lovely horse, Dillon, and come to terms with Dillon's back injury. Gilfach magic has worked again, and all these things have been achieved. Dillon is in superb condition after 3 months here - even more beautiful, well-muscled and shiny. Sheila's empathetic teaching has restored my confidence, and Cherry, bless her, has once again restored my riding self esteem. And, I've had the pleasure of watching my sister learn to ride, and make much faster progress than I could ever have imagined."

Clare (Exeter)

"Thank you for a great few days riding. Yours horses are a joy to ride and they and you have taught me a lot - I know have plenty to practice at home! Your cottage is a lovely relaxing retreat after a busy days riding - and in a beautiful setting too! Thank you"

Alan (Glos)

"We arrived as complete beginners but leave feeling more confident and pleased with our progress and newly gained knowledge. Sheila is a wonderful instructor and she and her staff worked very hard to make our week an enjoyable learning experience. Everyone was very friendly and helpful - including the dogs and cat. We would particularly like to thank: George, Finn, Larry and Cherry for putting up with us. Susan would like to take George home, but the neighbours would complain."

May (London)

"I had a wonderful re-introduction to the world of horses. With confidence restored I look forward to more hacks in the future. P.S. Thanks for getting Chris on a saddle for the first time in 40 +years!"

Lisa (Hants)

"Thanks Sheila for a great week. The accommodation was warm and comfy and the riding was perfect for us. I learned so much about horses and how, what I do affects them in lots of subtle ways. I learned how to think, feel and adjust - brilliant!...."

'Unaccompanied Teenagers' August 2008

"Thank you for such a great week.... Riding loads of different horses really boosted my confidence. The hack was really good on Larry, especially the galloping on the top of the mountain(!)... Finn, Molly and Larry totally rock! Hopefully i can return next year to have another great time. Thanks again".

'Unaccompanied Adults' July 2008

"This was a truly brilliant experience. Very good balance of horse care and lots of lovely riding - all organised to suit your abilities and move on. The horses are all very talented and have much to give. Sharing it with others and supporting each other is great. PURE QUALITY in ALL aspects!"

"Thank you so much for a fab weekend. I've learnt a lot and really enjoyed challenging myself and seeing my confidence improve over the weekend. Can I stay for a week next time?"

"It's so useful to spend all day, each day, with the horses - doing everything from fetching them from the field, checking their health, grooming, tacking up, riding, then un-tacking, aftercare, feeding, cleaning tack, understanding the design of the stable and the layout of the fields. It all makes so much more sense now! Much more holistic than just turning up for a one hour lesson once a week."

"Thank you for such a brilliant, action-packed long weekend! Learnt loads, had fun, met some lovely people, but most important of all, my riding skills and knowledge have come on a treat. Thank you, (thank you) !"

Chloe (The Sun Newspaper!)

"What can I say - I've been so impressed by everything here at Gilfach - the yard, the horses, the scenery, and our cosy little cottage (which we want to live in by the way!). Sheila is probably the best, most positive instructor I've ever had, and I've had a few! Hugh and Sheila - your encouragement and patience were so much appreciated, and you do such a brilliant job here. We want to stay longer! Big thank you to you and the neddies".

Sally (Kent)

"Came here as a nervous rider and left feeling totally restored. Fly was such a good boy and just what I needed. Hugh was excellent and had a brilliant lesson with Sheila. Thank you both for an excellent weekend."

Charlotte and Elaine (London)

"What a treat to ride such happy, forward-going, responsive horses......We learned so much in such a convivial atmosphere. Splendid hacking too - we'll be back!"

Janet and Don (Birmingham)

"We're coming back for another week... Need we say more?"

Sandi (Mold)

...." I think I have learnt more in 2 days than in the last 2 years!... Thanks again to you and your team".

Amber (Norfolk)

"Thanks for everything! The hospitality, cottage, lessons, Xmas present(!), hunting and most of all the encouragement you have given me with the jumping. You really have taught me an awful lot in a short space of time. Please thank Hugh for probably the best day of my life - the Hunting!....."

Karen (Shropshire)

Thank you so much for all your help with ‘Star’.  I really did wonder if I had taken on too much when he first arrived but your patience and understanding with both of us has been fantastic and most reassuring.  The schooling that you gave Star has helped enormously and he is almost a ‘normal’ horse now!  We really could not have got this far without your expert advice and guidance.  Thank you – from both of us!

Abby (Devon)

"...Thanks for such a lovely time, we both really enjoyed our stay at your farm..."

Rachel (Devon)

"I cannot put into words how much I enjoyed the stay, please say Hi to Floy for me..."

Belinda (Buckinghamshire)

A client participating in one of our annual summer ‘Teenagers’ Weeks’.

“I have had the best week of my life. It's been funny and I have learnt loads. Sheila, you are best cook in the whole world (don’t tell my mum I said that!!!) Thank you for everything”.

Viv & Phil (Doncaster)

“Lovely relaxing holiday with wonderful horses. The cottage is special and we particularly enjoyed playing with the (real) fire. Thanks for the holiday and we look forward to seeing you both again later in the year”.

Steve, Penny and Katie (Bristol)

“A huge big thank you to you both for your hospitality and kindness over our short stay. Sheila, you have helped so much in improving my knowledge on general care, thanks for being patient! I will remember all your instruction in my future lessons and thanks Hugh for an exhilarating ride which has improved my confidence. All your horses are lovely and will definitely be back!”

Josie & Carl (Ipswich)

“With expert tuition form Sheila my riding has improved 100% both in flat work and jumping, plus I’ve enjoyed every second! The cottage is lovely too, everything you need is available. Many thanks”

Val & Daisy (Cheshire)

“What a lovely, knowledgeable yard with relaxed, happy and well schooled horses (and pony) that were a joy to ride. It has reminded me of how much there is still to learn, and Daisy, who has all this before her—lucky thing! What a joy to be able to come on holiday with my daughter to have so much fun together...look forward to seeing you again soon…”

Faye and Katie (Liverpool and Leicester)

“A fantastic weekend. Great to be back on a horse again—especially the ones here! And the cottage was great—we finished off a horsy weekend with horsy films too! Brilliant lessons—just wish I could stay for more!” … (then something about the river flooding and having to stay for longer!.

Joan (Devon)

“Just perfect! Relaxed and friendly atmosphere, good teaching and extremely well-schooled horses. I’ve ridden should-in, travers and half-pass for the first time, and hacked out on an 18.2hh horse when I’m usually scared to get on anything over 15hh! Thanks, Sheila! The scenery is stunning, even in the rain. The cottage lacks for nothing everything needed is here. It’s homely, comfortable and peaceful’”

The ‘Spanish Invasion’

(An exceptional group of 14 adults from Spain who enjoyed the ‘Gilfach experience’!)

“On Monday we arrived, we were all nervous thinking about what horse we would ride and how the farm would be. The first day were all very pleased with the horses, etc. It has all been wonderful. Sheila, Hugh, Nat, Prema, the horses, …. Thank you”.

Karen (Buckinghamshire)

“Thanks for a great weekend—an excellent mix of tuition, riding and relaxation. Looking forward to coming again soon”.

Amanda, Alex, Paula & Kathryn (Surrey)

"Firstly I wanted to say thank you so much from me, Paula, Kathryn and Alex for a really wonderful riding break last weekend. We had such good fun, thought the setting was beautiful, loved your horses and the varied riding they offered us, and feel we improved our riding skills in leaps and bounds – there were several conversations about our having those “breakthrough moments” when something just clicks into place - So we hope to be back soon if you’d have us!".

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Cherry & Lou - Pas de Deux!

Cherry & Lou - Pas de Deux!

Sunny and Katie

Sunny and Katie

Jo and James, Sunny and Fly!

Jo and James, Sunny and Fly!

Merlin and his prospective owner, Daisy

Merlin and his prospective owner, Daisy

Paula riding Molly

Paula riding Molly