Gilfach Farm Holiday Accommodation

Terms and Conditions

Please read these carefully. When you book a holiday at Gilfach Farm Equitation and Holidays you are entering into a binding contract.

Your Booking:

* On receipt of your deposit for a booking, we—the Owners– will issue you with a written Holiday Confirmation Form. The Owners will then have entered a contract with you subject to the Booking Terms and Conditions.

* You must be over the age of 18 years at the time of making your booking

* You may only book a holiday/accommodation on special offer with us if the accommodation or special offer is still available.

* Your booking is made as a consumer and we cannot accept liability for any business losses that you may incur.

* Receipt/Banking of deposit monies does not constitute acceptance of booking. We can refuse any booking before we have issued a written Holiday Confirmation Form—we will then promptly return any monies you have paid and be under no other liability.

* As soon as you receive a Holiday Confirmation Form you must check it carefully. If there are any errors, you must tell us immediately.


* After you have paid your deposit, the balance of your holiday cost must be paid no later than 4 weeks before its start date. This date will be clearly stated on your Holiday Confirmation Form.

* Non-payment of balance after this date will constitute cancellation of the holiday and forfeiture of the deposit payment.

* If you book your holiday less than 8 weeks from its start, the full cost of the holiday must be paid before we can issue a Holiday Confirmation Form.

* At present, you can only pay us for your holiday by cheque, postal order, Bankers Draft or cash. We are in the process of organising credit card acceptance.


* If you have to cancel your booking, for whatever reason, you must inform us immediately in writing to Gilfach Farm, Sennybridge, Powys, LD3 8TY.

* We will issue for the following reasons for cancellation:- death, illness, accident, jury service, qualifying redundancy or cancellation of leave by HM armed forces or police of any member of the holiday party — the following refunds:-

* Time between issue of Holiday Confirmation Form and start of holiday / % of holiday cost refunded

More than 8 weeks / 50%
4-8 weeks / 25%
Less than 4 weeks / nil

* If your reason for cancelling is not covered by the above then no refund will be available.

* If, due to unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances, we have to cancel your booking with us, we will do our utmost to find suitable alternative accommodation locally. If the cost of the alternative accommodation is lower, we will refund you the difference; if the cost is higher, you will be expected to pay the extra costs.

* If we have to cancel your booking within 4 weeks of the start date of your holiday, you will have the option of being given a full refund of the monies paid by you to us.

* You may be wise to take out Holiday Insurance. You may be able to reclaim the lost payments made for your holiday from your insurers.

Brochure/Website Accuracy:

* We wish to do all we can to ensure the accuracy of the information contained within our brochure/website. However, it may be the case that the brochure/website was produced many months before the commencement of your holiday and changes may have occurred that may affect the services on offer. We will inform you as soon as possible of any changes that may affect your booked holiday with us.

Force Majeure:

* Refunds or compensation payments do not apply where the performance of our obligations, or those of our service providers, is prevented or affected by ‘force majeure’. For the purpose of these booking conditions this means any event which we, or the service provider, could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid.

Number of Persons using the Holiday Accommodation:

* The cottage at Gilfach is furnished for four guests. With the owner’s discretion, an additional ‘put-you-up’ bed may be made available for use by an additional child (under the age of 16 yrs). If you exceed the permitted number of occupants you may be asked to leave the accommodation without notice. In such a case the holiday will be deemed to have been cancelled without notice.

Pets & Horses:

* Do not let your pets sit on the furniture or beds.

* You are liable for all damage caused by your pets and horses.

* You must remove from the property all trace (inside and out) of their presence before final departure. Failure to do this may incur an additional cleaning charge.

* You must not allow pets or horses to cause any harm to any person or any other animal whilst at Gilfach.

* All pets & horses will remain the owner/handler’s responsibility during their stay.

* You must advise us of any habitual vice that your pet or horse has (e.g. Crib-biting) before your arrival, and do your utmost to ensure that any vices do not cause any damage or inconvenience to other users of the farm.

* All horses visiting Gilfach must be inoculated against at least Tetanus and Flu, and must be wormed before their arrival.

* If you knowingly bring an animal to Gilfach that is suffering from any infectious or contagious disease or illness, you may be liable for damages in respect of any losses that other users of Gilfach may incur as a result.

* Failure to observe the above may result in immediate cancellation of your holiday with no compensation or refund due.

Arrival and Departure:

* Unless by prior arrangement with the owners, you may arrive at the Cottage any time between 4pm and 10pm on the start date of your holiday, and you should leave by 2pm on the end date of your holiday.

* You must advise us of the time you intend to arrive and leave at least 1 week before the start of your holiday.

* You must inform us, as soon as you know, whether you are going to be late arriving.

* We cannot offer any compensation to you for your late arrival or if you miss part of your holiday because of delays in your arrival.

Your Responsibilities:

* You must look after the property –keeping all furniture, fittings and effects in the same state of repair and condition as at the start of your holiday.

* You must leave the cottage in the same sate of cleanliness and general order in which you found it. A charge may be made if you fail to do this.

* You are expected to show consideration for others using Gilfach Farm– any display of rude, offensive or dangerous actions will result in immediate cancellation of the holiday with no compensation or refund due.

* If you have any special needs or requirements, you must let us know on booking your holiday. *The spiral staircase in the cottage makes it unsuitable for people with restricted mobility*

* You must allow access to the cottage, at any time, for repairs and maintenance to be carried out.


If you have any complaints or concerned about your holiday, please raise these with the Owners at the earliest opportunity. We will do our utmost to remedy any failings. We will also issue you with a comments questionnaire for you to fill in on your departure. Please take the trouble to fill this in as it will help us to improve our service in the future.

Privacy Statement

Any personal details and information that you impart to us will be used for the purposes of booking your holiday with us.
All data held by us on you, such as telephone number, email address, etc, are not sold to, or made available for use by, any other party.
riding and working with horses is an inherently high-risk activity. The Proprietors of Gilfach Farm cannot take any responsibility for any injury or damage you may suffer during your stay. You are riding and being around our horses entirely at your own risk. If it considered that your actions have lead to a horse being injured, you may be held responsible for any veterinary bills or claims made against you.

If, due to unforeseen circumstances (such as horse lameness/illness) we cannot accommodate your riding needs with one of our horses, we will offer you the choice of an alternative horse (if available), or the option of a full refund for the person booked to ride that horse. If no alternative horse is available for us to use, we will automatically offer a full refund for the rider(s) affected and the option of a refund of 80% of the holiday cost to the other members of the party should they not wish to proceed with their booking.

If we have to cancel your riding because of the weather, we will issue you with a voucher to the same value for use at a future stay at Gilfach Equitation.
If you have booked a lesson or a hack, but choose not to ride, the full fee will be payable unless 24 hrs notice to us has been given, otherwise a voucher will be issued to the value of your ride.

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