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Moving with Pets

Locating an apartment where pets are allowed is a top priority for any pet owner on a retreat holiday. It’s crucial that you find a home which meets the needs of your pets starting from the first day.

Ensure That the Rental is Pet-Friendly

There are a few nuances that pet owners looking for rentals have to keep in mind. First, the building must actively encourage pets. Check the policies to ensure that, besides being pet-friendly, they have amenities such as washing items, a walking trail containing bags and trash bins, a private park and dog walkers on staff. Don’t make assumptions. It may be necessary to contact the management to ensure that the lease has a pet-friendly clause. Know the limitations on the number and size of pets, and any penalties in case the pets stray or become aggressive.


Other than the friendliness of the building, the location of a pet apartment is critical. Access during the day or at night should be simple. It should be easy for you to run home on your lunch hour and let your pet out. If you’re new to the area, consider a location which has someone to help you out.

Emphasise the amount and type of space which your pet needs. For energetic and playful dogs, look for a spacious living area that’s close to a park. If you have a large pet, then accessing high floors could be problematic, as they get older. For cats, consider an apartment that has windows suited for perching.

If you’re in a market where the ideal place is hard to locate, always act fast. You should demonstrate that you and your pet are responsible tenants. If you’ve stayed in a different home with the same pet, then carry along the reference letter to vouch for you.