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Choosing an Idyllic Rural Retreat in the UK

An idyllic rural retreat apartment should be well designed and contain all that you need for a relaxing holiday. You may consider booking a magnificent cottage was built in natural stone to give it a rustic finish and located in an area with spectacular views of the mountains and lakes. Below are some of the tips to guide you:

Local Attractions

Besides the panoramic views of the dazzling landscapes and other cool sights, a lush rural retreat should offer you the comfort of modern architecture with stable and high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity. If you love exploring aquatic flora and fauna, then book a rural retreat holiday cottage that is near sandy beaches with clear water. Your vacation won’t be boring if you’re a lover of sports. Canoeing, sailing, boating, and fishing are all common activities near a beach. You can also enjoy the coastal walks as you golf. Wander around and discover other hidden attractions.


Go for an apartments that has a new or well maintained kitchen with a microwave and a cooker, a large living room and loft with a spectacular view of the undulating landscapes. An ideal living room should have a full-height glass gable-end window, titled underfloor heating, a bathroom, and a sleeping loft. It should also have a large outdoor patio so that you have access to the beautiful gardens and ample parking bay. The staff should be available on demand for any support that you may need.


It’s advisable to go on a rural retreat with a car since public transport hardly operates in the countryside. If going with your car could be inconvenient, then the local taxi services come in handy. They cater for airport pick-ups as well as over short distances which connect to public transport. Making an advance booking for taxi services may be the ideal solution.