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Diary (Mid November 2010)

The Weather

"Seasonal"!  We do feel prepared for Winter though


With a quieter period upon us, more attention to the training of the non-school horses is being paid. Tez, Ico, Rosie, Jewel and Limonero are working under saddle beautifully (but then I am biased!).  Paying attention to the "Scales of Training" helps us riders and trainers to keep a focus on what matters.  Our Classical ethos helps us and our horses to work together towards the same goal of, hum..., harmony. The more mature members of the team are ticking over very nicely too.


After a bit of a topsy-turvy period, peace has again returned. Happy horses, happy clients, happy team!


We hope to see you soon.

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Borba - not feeling his age!

Borba - not feeling his age!

November mist 2011

November mist 2011

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