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Diary - Mid - February 2012

Busy Times!

Now that we (or should it be just "I"?) have got used to the idea of what is almost definitely going to happen hopefully not too soon, we have been like things possessed trying to get "stuff" sorted. My main priority, of course has been and still is, my horses. Now being fairly certain of the prognosis, the plan to find excellent and suitable homes for our beloved horses has been a responsible & necessary one. People - family, friends, clients, and even people I have never met - have all been fantastic. It has been a very humbling, but at the same time very inspiring time.
Thank you all - you know who you are (sorry - cliche!).

Our plans for the farm are forming. Watch this space for details.


Jungle drums and all sorts have been working overtime for us. We seem to have a huge network of people helping out in the back ground for us here.
So now Floy, Timber, Pandora, Larry, Cherry, Bobby, & possibly Molly, Billy & Ico have new homes.

Limonero, Jewel, Serenity and McGee are to find new homes.

Again, if you are interested in providing a home for any, please contact us.

Tesoro and Alfie are still going to stay with us.

The human team

The network of people willing and able to give us support on many levels has been astounding. Thank you.

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Serenity at two weeks old

Serenity at two weeks old

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