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 Diary (Mid February)


Practically all of our lovely horses are now back in "work", and seem to be enjoying their lot.  Alfie, Larry, George, Bobby, Floy, Pandora and Timber are holding the fort lesson-wise, whilst Tez, Ico, Rosie, Jewel and Limonero are being polished to (hopefully!) near perfection.  Molly has started her fitness training after a long but well deserved break, whilst Cherry (now an OAP) is being gently fittened for her job as a top hacking horse.  Zela is being prepared for a role at Gilfach this year, which with time and a lot of patience, she should be ready for. Even Borba comes out for some fun every now and again - he loves his work - almost too much at times!


I did (speak too soon)...  Alex, who has been a fantastic member of our team over what has been the hardest of times of year, is off to pastures new. A great loss to us, and to the horse industry, but we wish him luck with his role in his family's business.

Fortunately(!), we already had Leigh waiting in the wings to join our team.  I'm not going to jinx this one.  If you want to know more, you'll have to come and visit us...

The Farm

First few of the 10,000 carrot seeds now sown!


We look forward to welcoming you to Gilfach soon!

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Initiation Ceremony? !

Initiation Ceremony? !

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