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Diary (End of September 2010)

The Beginning of Autumn

Autumn has begun.  The first frost of the season followed by a stunningly beautiful day.  The foliage is adopting a distinctly orange tone.  The grass is considering it's retreat!  The horses are well prepared for the on-coming Winter.

The Horses

The change in season is bringing a change in stable management, with Larry, Alfie, Molly, George, Frankie joining the ranks of "live-in" horses over night now.

All of our horses continue to be doing a grand job for Gilfach Equitation - trying their best for each of their riders.

We have had a very sad time recently with Little Mousey Brown having to be put down after a break to his hind canon (undoubtedly a kick from another horse) - but we can't blame horses for being horses, and have to put it down to Mouse being in the wrong place at the wrong time for a millisecond too long.

Floy has officially become a Gilfach horse.  After being loaned to us for the previous six years, we have now purchased Floy from her owner.

The working liveries - Brandy and Bull - are to leave us for pastures new (and closer to their owner's home) this week, so Gilfach horse numbers are down for once!


We are planning a new set of instructional holiday options here at Gilfach - perhaps putting more focus on the Classical Dressage side of equitation.  I was specifically asked today "what is Classical Riding"?!  I gave my version. 

What would yours be?  Do tell!


Hope to see you soon.


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The first 2010 Autumn morning

The first 2010 Autumn morning



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