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Diary (Beginning of 2011)

Happy New Year


Hugh, Sheila and all at Gilfach hope you had a lovely Christmas.  For many of us, a truly white Christmas for a change!  

Christmas Day here was very pleasant for all concerned, especially for the horses, who were treated to a whole day out in the "Summer" paddocks - a lot of frolicking around ensued!

The Weather

After a seriously cold couple of days (minus 15 at night, not rising above minus 6 during the day), a thaw is happening!  Timely, as we need another delivery of haylage now!  

Our attempts to keep the horses working despite the conditions (digging out a few tracks in the school) was marginally successful, with long reining and basic schooling in walk possible.


All seem to have resigned themselves to life in Narnia, and cope, possibly better than us humans, with the extreme cold.

The Humans

We're looking forward to a new Year, for whilst 2010 has not been too bad at all, there have been some "tricky" moments!

We do hope to see you in 2011.


Weekly Lesson Availability Update


As of 31st December...
Following a recent complete thaw, our horses are being brought back into work after around 4 weeks off formal schooling work.  Given our ethos of doing our best to ensure our horses are in the best physical and psychological "place" to work with us, the following considerations are in place...

Our live in school horses (Alfie, Larry, George, Limonero) are likely to be lively but also prone to muscle strain - thus lessons on these guys will be geared towards stretching and relaxation for a few days.  Molly is being kept off work until the Spring.

Our live out school horses (Floy, Bobby, Timber, Pandora, Zela, Cherry) are likely to have retained a certain amount of fitness, but may need reminding of how to used their bodies when under saddle.

Lessons are available as per usual hours as from 1st January 2011.









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The school under not-so-normal conditions

The school under not-so-normal conditions

Alfie and Larry on Christmas Day

Alfie and Larry on Christmas Day

Larry - finding the snow very exciting (again!)

Larry - finding the snow very exciting (again!)

Candy - enjoying the snow

Candy - enjoying the snow

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