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Diary - Early March 2012

Moving on Slowly...

We (the team here) have spent a frantic few weeks of desperately doing our best to find perfect homes for the horses in my charge before letting treatment commence on me. Treatment did indeed commence, and then was rapidly stopped for a review. Not nice!

Finding out how incapable I really can be, the help from friends, family, clients and the people we have never even met, is accepted with an even greater deal of gratitude, if possible! A huge thank you to all again. Whilst I'm back on my feet again, Hugh and I intend to have some nice times.


All, except Limonero, Jewel, Serenity and McGee, have fantastic new homes. This part has been the most heart-wrenching, so knowing that the horses will be cared for, loved and cherished in a similar way to the Gilfach way is of huge relief and comfort.

Thank you again, for all your kind wishes, thoughts and prayers.

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The lovely Jewel

The lovely Jewel

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