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Diary (The Start of September 2010)

The End of Summer?

The weather forecast for this coming week definitely heralds the end of Summer - plenty of rain! ... I'm sure someone famous said that "there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes"! So, Dear Guests, who are about to join us, bring some waterproofs (or we can sell you some from our rather too secret "Merchandise Shop"!)

We are currently keeping an eye on rainfall, temperatures, grass growth, and equine waist-lines before making that decision to go for stabled-at-night/out-during-the-day regime - that will come soon enough.

The Horses

All of our maturer horses are ticking along nicely.  Floy, George, Brandy, Rosie and Frankie were treated to a 'Fun Ride' at the weekend -  a first for Rosie, who did us proud.  Needless to say, the others took it all in their stride and enjoyed every minute, as did their riders.

With quieter weeks now we are able to tweak the training of our horses to help them remain/become the enjoyable, well-schooled rides we pride ourselves on.

The sad news is that Brandy, Bull and Star are due to leave our care at the end of the month.  On to pastures new - literally! that are closer to their owners' home town of Ludlow!!!

The Staff

Some minor changes in the staff at Gilfach...  Anna & Alex  (new as staff members this Summer) are settling into the routine/regime well.  Helen, who started with us as a "Work Experience" student, is due to leave for College-based equine training - the best of luck to her.  Kirsty, another who came to us a  "Work Experience" student has also finished her part-time stint with us.  Ethan (the young Irish man who some of you may remember), is returning to Gilfach to continue his training.  

So, we have a full house of enthusiastic and talented young horse-people to train, enthuse (and pay!).  Over the Autumn/Winter months we are offering Horse Care courses and riding instruction at a discounted rate.  Please follow the links to the right for details.


As promised, the photos Hugh has taken over the last month are gradually appearing on our newly vamped website.  If you have any photos of your time(s) at Gilfach that you would like to share with us, please do email them to us.


Hope to see you soon.

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