Gilfach Farm Livery and Holiday Cottage

Diary - Mid August 2014

Slowly losing that Summer feeling...

Rain has replaced those long sun-shining evenings, meaning Hugh's mission to replace our farmhouse roof rather challenging in between!

The Horses

We have finally found the hopefully perfect home for lovely Larry, at last!, meaning that Hugh and my own "special" horses remain for now, but its is seeming not for too long, given Sheila's increasing "wobbles".
Via our local Day Hospice, Usk House, A local charity, has very kindly loaned Sheila a "buggy" to get out and about with - nippy, and great fun, and liberating!

Work continues with the horses though, in the form of continued trailer training, in-hand and school work, plus when the weather is kind enough, some lovely rides out for those who can. Tez and Alfie still look ahead for those perfect homes.

Meanwhile locally...

in the nearby town of Llandovery we were treated to a re- enactment of the call up to WW1 70 years ago - very impressive, with horses of course taking a major role then.

Summer, hopefully will linger on here for a while ! We hope that you have the chance to share our lovely farm very soon.

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