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Diary (August 2010 )

The "End of an Era"

The final annual Teenagers' Week at Gilfach has been and gone.  

A full-on week, with horses, staff, helpers and teenage participants working (and in the case of the latter, playing) hard! Some great riding by the teens, and some great performances by our wonderful team of horses.  To see the pictures taken (and various comments made) you'll have to visit Larry's Facebook page!

However, time to move on to new things for next year...



Teenagers, Staff, Helpers - and Larry                                          Best Turned Out (Horse and Rider) Competition                                      Jumping Competition (George won!)



With nearly all the current year's "projects" completed, Hugh is preparing himself for a photographic extravaganza at the weekend (subject to the right weather/light) to update the pictures on our website.  If you have any photos that you think should be here, do send them to us.


A view from Gilfach

The Horses

Most of our team have worked hard and well in aid of Teens week.  A quieter time of Gilfach's normal work load for them is welcome (if not for them, then for us humans!!).

Tesoro is back up to speed - and what a joy to ride.  Ico is on light duties, and visiting our vets tomorrow.  Once we know what the leg swellings are, we will fill you in!  All others are just great.  As long as us riders make their job do-able and enjoyable, they do and enjoy!

Our Holidays

We now have guest accommodation in both the Cottage and the Log Cabin.  Both offer a relaxing, restful feel, although very different in their styles. 


See you soon!

Larry Macmillan & Gilfach Equitation, by the way, have Facebook.  Do visit him & us there.

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